4 Health and Social Benefits of PE Education to Kids

Kids cherish play time during their first few years in primary school. They eagerly look forward to recess and PE lessons. They will show interest in all year 2 PE lessons their teachers introduce. Still, they get to experience the following health and Social benefits.

4. Socialization

PE educations bring kids together. They learn to interact with other kids who come from diverse social backgrounds. The right year 2 PE activities and games can help children unite and make friendships. By the time they get to year 3, the children learn to socialize with people from different backgrounds.

3. Improved Academic Performance.

Most teachers believe that engaging kids in PE can make them smarter. Numerous studies also short a relationship between engaging kids in year 2 PE activities and their overall academic performance. Where students engage less in PE, their activeness in classroom activities also decline. Their end of semester academic results also decline.

2. Physical Health.

Participating in sporting activities definitely improve the kids’ physical health. Staying physically fit in turn helps prevent certain diseases such obesity and heart diseases. Engaging in physical exercises also promote bones and muscles development among young children. Overall, kids who take year 2 PE lessons more seriously grow up physically fit and less exposed to lifestyle diseases.

1. Mental Health

At the age of 6-7 years, kids are still meeting terms and activities for the first time. Their brain is still at a development stage. Actively engaging the young learners in games can arouse their curiosity and develop their mental health. Involvement in certain sports also helps them react to emotional experiences. They learn to feel frustrated when they lose and happy when they win. Additionally, engaging kids in sporting activities helps them sleep better at night and stay active in class.